Our Story

Video Production Edinburgh was born 10 years ago, when VHS still exhisted and High Definition video did not. Driven by the passion for video we are constantly looking to develop better products and find ways to deliver great videos at reasonable prices.

We are proud to be very reliable, affordable (you will be surprised!) and fun to work with.

We will be delighted to hear from you and discuss your project.

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The Process

  1. Plan

    We will meet you and discuss your requirements and ideas, chipping in our best thoughts to suggest available technical and creative solutions. We will then study your case and get back to you with a proposal which we will deploy upon your approval.

  2. Film

    This is the actual filming stage and we will proceed with the agreed plan. We have the flexibility to adapt if the circumstances change, always aiming to get the best out of the day. We will be as discreet as possible to make our presence unnoticeable.

  3. Produce

    We will edit all the material captured during the filming. We will involve you in the process if required. This is the stage where many creative and technical decisions are taken and we want you to be in charge of your project.

  4. Deliver

    In this stage the video will be processed according to your requirements and delivered on the media of your choice: DVD, broadcast or online. We are experts in delivering great audio/video quality in heavily compressed files perfect for Web publishing.