Video Production Edinburgh produced the videos of each speech for this 3-days conference in Edinburgh. Our innovative approach involved live editing during recording, significantly reducing production costs and post-production time without compromising quality. [EXTRACT]

Engaging lecture with full-screen slides, expertly captured at the Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. Video Production Edinburgh ensures a seamless blend of insightful content and captivating visuals, bringing the essence of this lecture to life.

The School of Informatics enlisted Video Production Edinburgh to produce a video for the Informatics Forum 2019 panel talk. Our video elegantly captures the essence of this engaging and insightful discussion.

Video Production Edinburgh skilfully filmed and produced a 2-day symposium for the University of Edinburgh, employing a dynamic picture-in-picture content style. [EXTRACT]

For this conference videos we implemented our optimised production workflow, editing on the fly during filming. This approach enables us to deliver high-quality videos at an exceptionally competitive price point.