Once again, Creative Informatics chose Video Production Edinburgh as partners to bring forth a significant 2-day event spotlighting the work of artists supported through their programme.

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Celebrate innovation with our team's production of yet another monthly CI Lab hybrid event for Creative Informatics. These events aim at showcasing the ongoing collaboration and creativity at the heart of this programme.

From the iconic Roxy Assembly in Edinburgh, Video Production Edinburgh presents this sophisticated hybrid event for Creative Informatics.

Annual lecture live-streamed for the University of Edinburgh.

Experience innovation in action with another hybrid event crafted for Creative Informatics. Our team showcases a memorable performance, featuring live audio/video mixing in this unique production.

Seamless integration of virtual and in-person experiences with our hybrid event coverage for the University of Sheffield's conference. Video Production Edinburgh ensures a dynamic and engaging showcase of this innovative and inclusive event.[EXTRACT]

Amid the pandemic, Video Production Edinburgh successfully orchestrated numerous virtual events with participants spread across different locations. Despite the challenges, our team ensured a seamless and enjoyable experience, proving our commitment to delivering quality events in a virtual landscape.

Video Production Edinburgh tailored a series of hybrid events for an Oxford-based firm, each with unique technical demands. These recordings now stand as valuable assets, enriching online courses with diverse content.

Video Production Edinburgh produced a compelling series of virtual events for the Business School, leveraging our remote studio for live directing and mixing.

In response to the pandemic lockdown, the client entrusted Video Production Edinburgh to virtually produce a large conference. Our expertise ensured an enriching and enjoyable experience for attendees, transcending the virtual barrier and delivering a seamless event. [EXTRACT]

Luminate Scotland asked Video Production Edinburgh to produce their Christmas party event to reach their enthusiastic remote participants.