At Video Production Edinburgh we follow the latest Government guidelines to provide the safest environment possible to our staff, clients and collaborators. In this period we favour working remotely from our offices, but in some circumstances we are able to provide on-location filming and live streaming. We can provide a detailed Covid-19 Risk Assessment, as well as assess any specific circumstance with the client. If it is safe to film, we make sure we organise the session maintaining social distancing, wearing N95 face masks, use appropriate gloves and hand sanitiser and providing the same to our clients and collaborators if required.

We can adapt the script to the current Covid guidelines and obtain great results while observing health & safety guidelines.

Beside providing our own Risk Assessment, we will observe any internal health & safety policy our clients might ask us to adhere to.

You can find below a list of services we can provide during this phase of the pandemic.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any requirement you might have, and we will be happy providing our best expertise to meet your needs.

Our services

Video production

Covering every aspect of video production, from concept to delivery, our experience and skills make us the ideal video production company for your needs.

Live streaming

We provide live streaming of any event to any platform including Youtube, Facebook and Zoom, delivering great audio and video quality to your audience.

Virtual events

We can produce your virtual event to be a great experience for your audience, whether that's an international conference, a webinar, or a single lecture.

Hybrid events

At Video Production Edinburgh we also specialise in Hybrid Events, allowing your local and remote audience to engage and interact.