Live Streaming

what is it

At Video Production Edinburgh we provide live streaming services to broadcast your event and content to a global audience.

We can live stream your event into your preferred platform (YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, your website, etc.) from anywhere you choose, whether the location provides an Internet connection or not, as we have our own mobile data routers.

Our team can mix down different signals including multiple camera inputs, projectors and high quality audio, as well as broadcast pre-recorded content. We can either work with your sound engineers or provide our own sound solutions.

Below is a list of situations when we have been asked to live stream, but we are very flexible and happy to discuss your unique requirements:

  • Our services

    Thanks to the expertise in providing services for events, and to a unique media broadcast system, Video Production Edinburgh is the ideal partner to make sure your content is delivered in the quality it deserves.

    We provide the following services related to live streaming:

    • Event promotion

    • To help you promote your live event using short video adverts to be published on your social media and website.

    • Pre-Production

    • At Video Production Edinburgh we can produce all media needed for the event, whether that being talk, presentation, slides, animations, graphics, or whatever else your event requires.

    • Live streaming

    • Multi-camera, great audio, live A/V mixing, lighting.

    • Technical support

    • Our experts will assist you with any technical aspect related to the live stream.

    • Post-Production

    • As we can record your live event, we can edit the videos to make them available for later distribution.

    Thanks to our expertise and experience, we can make sure that your content is delivered in a way that your audience remembers it.

    Feel free to get in touch, and we will be happy discussing your specific requirements, and offer our expertise to find the best solution for your event.