What We Do

Our expertise in the Digital sector allows us to have a comprehensive view of the best ways to meet specific requirements, making us the perfect reference point not only for the production of videos, but also for their distribution and place within larger contexts.

We tailor highly professional skills and expertise to the requirements of each individual projects. Having a long experience in the field, we have developed a lean and optimised workflow, empowering us to offer highly creative and top quality solutions at competitive costs.

We always deliver on-budget and on-time, and are able to work within tight time frames. We are proud to be very reliable, affordable (you will be surprised!) and fun to work with.

We will be delighted to hear from you and discuss your project.

The range of services we offer at Video Production Edinburgh is not limited to the list below. We develop tailored solutions for each project as we consider each project unique. Whatever your requirements are, feel free to give us a call and we can help you find the best solution.

  • Pre-Production

  • We cover all aspects of Pre-Production, including concept, script, and storyboard creation. During this phase, we will assist you in the process of planning, scheduling and scripting your content.

  • Production

  • Whether it is a promotional, corporate or event video, the coverage of a conference or the delivery of a lecture, our Videographers and Creative Director provide filming, photography and motion graphics as well as subtitling in several languages.

  • Post-Production

  • Our services include video editing, photo editing, colour grading, image and sound quality improvement and delivery in the required formats, transcription and subtitling.

  • Motion graphics

  • We can create captivating animations and graphics to deliver your message to your audience.

  • Virtual Events

  • We can setup, run and record your virtual event, and create promotional and marketing content to promote them. Whether it being a large international conference with live interpretation, a webinar or a lecture, we are your ideal partner to deliver your event online. Thanks to our unique system to broadcast high-quality media content directly into platforms such as Zoom, we can deliver great quality for the production of your virtual event.

  • Streaming & Hybrid events

  • At Video Production Edinburgh we also specialise in streaming events, the ideal choice to reach a global audience.

  • Aerial

  • Our fully registered drone operators can produce stunning aerial videos and photos.

  • Subtitles/Transcript

  • We provide subtitling and transcription services to improve accessibility adding open or close captions to your videos. We can provide this service in several languages.

  • Consultancy and Training

  • We put our expertise at your service, whether you need our creative inputs, technical support or training, our dedicated staff can flexibly meet a variety of requirements, including helping you building your Video Content Strategy.

See our Portfolio for some exmaples of our work.


The Process

  1. Plan

    We will meet you and discuss your requirements and ideas, chipping in our best thoughts to suggest available technical and creative solutions. We will then study your case and get back to you with a proposal which we will deploy upon your approval.

  2. Film

    This is the actual filming stage and we will proceed with the agreed plan. We have the flexibility to adapt if the circumstances change, always aiming to get the best out of the day. We will be as discreet as possible to make our presence unnoticeable.

  3. Produce

    We will edit all the material captured during the filming. We will involve you in the process if required. This is the stage where many creative and technical decisions are taken and we want you to be in charge of your project.

  4. Deliver

    In this stage the video will be processed according to your requirements and delivered in the formats of your choice. We are experts in delivering great quality in heavily compressed files perfect for Web publishing and On-line marketing campaigns.

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