Virtual Event Studio

what is it

Since Covid-19 and the Government's restrictions, organisers have moved their events online and started to heavily rely on platforms such as Zoom.

These platforms offer the possibility to remotely deliver content to an audience. Organisers, panelists, attendees and technical providers are all in separate locations, contributing to the event remotely. There is no geographical limit to where these locations can be, so that the event can literally be run and enjoyed globally.

As many organisers have now realised the huge potential that having a global audience can have for them and their activities, this sector is rapidly booming.

why us

At Video Production Edinburgh we have developed a unique way to broadcast any media, whether that being a presentation, a slideshow, video, audio, or motion-graphics, to the platform of your choice.

This means that for example your attendees can be elegantly welcomed by a slideshow while they join the event, avoiding the awkwardness of letting them wondering whether there is someone in there, or if they are in the right place.

It also allows very high quality media to be played during the event, like pre-recorded videos. This is very important, because it can be used for example to launch a pre-recorded speech from a panelist, dramatically reducing the risk of technical issues during the event. The panelist can then join the event at a specific time for the live Q&A session.

The quality of the media played through this method is very high, nothing comparable to a shared screen, and thanks to our remote console, we can manage your event and broadcast your content directly from our premises.

Our services

Thanks to our expertise in providing services for events, and to our unique media broadcast system, Video Production Edinburgh is the ideal partner to make sure your online event is delivered in the quality it deserves.

To achieve this, we provide the following services:

  • Event management

  • We can manage every aspect of your event, from the social media campaign to the registration process, schedule, logistics, live interpretation, subtitling, setup, and every aspect of the organisation and preparation.

  • Pre-Production

  • We will produce all media needed for the event, whether that being a video to promote the event, a speech, presentation, slides, animations, a slideshow, graphics, branding or whatever else your event requires to deliver. We can also film remotely any type of content, including interviews, testimonials, talks, presentations, meetings, workshops and conferences.

  • Live technical support

  • Our technicians will stay behind the scenes to direct the event and assist the organisers, the panelists and the attendees with any technical question they might have during the live event.

    The event can be streamed simultaneously on to your website, Youtube, Facebook, Zoom, and any other platform of your choice.

  • Post-Production

  • As we will be able to record your live event, we can edit the videos to make them available for distribution after the event.

Thanks to our expertise, experience and our remote direction console, we can make sure your event will be a success your attendees will remember.

Feel free to get in touch, and we will be happy discussing your specific requirements, give you a demonstration and offer our expertise to find the best solution for your event.



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