Cabinet Partenaires entrusted Video Production Edinburgh to capture the essence of their annual convention in Edinburgh, reliving the highlights of this dynamic event through our expertly crafted video.

  • Client: Scottish AI Alliance, University of Edinburgh
  • Date: March 2023
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The Scottish AI Summit, Scotland's premier AI event, relies on Video Production Edinburgh for top-notch video production and photography services. Proudly contributing to the success of the largest AI gathering in Scotland.

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The Advertisement Association turns to Video Production Edinburgh for an annual event video that captures the energy and impact of their prestigious gathering in Scotland. Elevate your expectations with our dynamic event promotion.

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Celebrate the richness of IberoDocs 2020 through our promotional video. Video Production Edinburgh captures the heart of this cultural festival, offering a compelling glimpse into the diverse and engaging world of Ibero-American cinema.

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We take great pride in producing videos to promote and showcase Heriot-Watt University's Business School Adam Smith Panmure House's lecture series. Video Production Edinburgh is honored to contribute to this informative and prestigious initiative.

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Relive the excitement of a one-day business event at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, with our highlights video. Video Production Edinburgh distills the essence of dynamic discussions, networking, and insights, encapsulating the event's vibrancy.

Video Production Edinburgh captures the essence of collaboration, learning, and innovation in this dynamic showcase for a 2-days workshop at the The School of Health in Social Science.

  • Client: The School of Education, University of Edinburgh
  • Date: October 2019
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The School of Education asked Video Production Edinburgh to create a compelling promotional video for a CPD-related event. Join us in previewing the impactful moments and insights from this enriching professional development gathering.

Video produced to showcase and promote a dynamic series of events across the UK.

Video Production Edinburgh's animated video is designed to promote a series of virtual webinars by Itom Solutions.