Garvald West Linton chose Video Production Edinburgh to craft a recruitment video, offering a glimpse into the ethos of our organisation and discover the values that make Garvald a unique and inspiring community.

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Video Production Edinburgh was asked to craft a compelling recruitment video for the University of Edinburgh's PHD programme, designed to captivate and attract high-level candidates.

Video Production Edinburgh produced a recruiting video for the PhD Programme in Integrative Cell Mechanisms at the University of Edinburgh to uncover the exciting opportunities that await prospect researchers in the world of cellular research.

  • Client: School of Education and Sport, University of Edinburgh
  • Date: January 2020
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Moray House School of Education and Sport enlisted Video Production Edinburgh to capture the essence of their Strength & Conditioning MSc programme. Immerse yourself in the world of athletic excellence through our thoughtfully crafted recruitment video.

At Video Production Edinburgh, we take pride in creating this video as part of a series for the Bachelor of Nursing course to explore the journey of learning and excellence.